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To Save the Union America Needs Free and Fair Elections – As a First Step, Only Legally Certified Voting Systems and Machines Should Be Used

To save our country, as a first step, Americans must begin using only legally certified voting systems and machines.  

The voting systems and machines used in US elections are neither safe nor secure.  They are so poorly designed it’s as if they were designed for fraud.  We uncovered this across the country in the 2020 Election where results came in patterns that made no sense.

We then found out from a presentation in Georgia that the election process includes taking USBs from the machines and transporting them to the main location where they were consolidated and the election results are then forwarded to a company called SCYTL before being forwarded to the state or Edison for reporting to the Mainstream Media.

The use of USBs in today’s world is one thing but another is that embedded in this process there is a point where data can be accessed and changed by bad actors.  This is when the data from the USBs are consolidated.  Bad actors can use simple SQL queries to change results.

The only answer to transparency and trust in our elections is to first ensure the voting machines and systems used in our elections are safe and secure.

America should use paper ballots until this can happen.  France and many countries use paper ballots for their elections and they are able to determine election winners within hours of their polls closing.

What Americans can do now is use the law to have these machines and systems set aside. 

Across the nation there are election laws and depending on your state, these laws mandate that the voting systems and machines be properly certified.  Evidence shows that voting systems and machines are not properly legally certified.

Below is an American sharing on this subject at a Johnson County, Kansas meeting.  He describes the situation across the country with election system compliance.

The voting machines used in our elections are suspect at best.  They should not be used.

Americans should demand that the machines and systems used in their elections are safe and secure. 

As a first step, they should demand that these machines and systems are properly and legally certified by accredited voting system testing labs.  When this is not the case, America should use paper ballots.

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